Choosing the Best Spring Pajamas for Babies
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Choosing the Best Spring Pajamas for Babies

Choosing the Best Spring Pajamas for Babies

Nothing makes a mother happy than to see her child bubbling with laughter. However, kids aren’t just comfortable; it is the mother’s making.
Usually, the temperature around your baby will determine the mood they present. If you want a happy baby, make him comfortable in every weather and climate with the best baby clothes.
It is the reason the savvy mom buys 100% pima cotton baby clothes for their child to play all day. In the spring, the type of pajamas your baby sleeps with dictate what their mood would be in the morning.
The American Academy of Pediatrics says babies need between 65 – 72 degrees to sleep safely. In a warmer home, sleep experts recommend that baby sleep in lightweight clothing.
Your baby needs breathable, cotton fabric to dispel the heath during sleep. As you shop for PJ’s, you will come across different brands and types but choose the only cotton and avoid synthetic fabric. Since your baby’s comfort is essential, try to buy pajamas that are sleeping friendly to give you peace of mind.

Types of baby pajamas

You will come across different pajamas for babies, but make sure you go with 100% cotton. Among several PJs out there, we recommend the following. You can read the post ” Baby Pajamas Types “


Puppy Pima Onesie

It’s a footed one-piece long sleeve sleepwear with ribbing crewneck made from 100% pima cotton. It comes with cute puppy print that makes it more baby friendly. The beauty of this PJ is easy maintenance. It’s also suitable for hand and machine wash with mild detergent and
cold water.
The material does not require the use of bleach and tumbles dry on low. You can complete routine maintenance with warm ironing. The Pajamas comes in color options of Pink, Blue, and Yellow and available in 0-3 and 6-9 months sizes.


Veerielly’s goal is the mother’s joy.

When a baby is happy, nothing makes the mom happier. At Veerielly, we spend day and night looking for sophisticated and comfortable baby clothes and sleepwear for happy moments for your baby.
We stock softer, 100% non-hypoallergenic fabrics. You can’t make a mistake when you pick from our selection because we dutifully chose them for you. Check here for our baby cotton collection of weather-friendly baby clothes.

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