Shipping Policy
While we remain attentive to your requests to serve you as soon as possible and make deliveries
in the shortest time, we are subject to 2 circumstances that limit and allow us to perform our work
more effectively: USPS business days, selected entity for the delivery of orders to our customers;
and our policy of reception of orders, which establishes as suitable days for this activity from
Monday to Thursday.
You can receive your order between 2 and 6 working days, however the orders made at the end of
the week between Friday and Sunday, will not take as start date any of these 3 days because they
will be processed the following Monday unless it is a public holiday.
During the holidays the store may remain closed, so we will notify you before the date of these,
resuming sending the first working day after the holidays and renewing the delivery period of 2 to
6 business days.
Returns and Reimbursements Policy
To carry out these processes, we must meet certain conditions besides the invoice, order number
and email of the customer when making the purchase, below we describe them:
• You can only make the refund during the 45 days after the purchase.
• Unless the item is marked as Final Sale or Non-Returnable, any item may be returned.
We will inform you in advance about this characteristic in the garment.
• After 45 days of purchase the returns will be accepted at the discretion of the company.
If this process is approved, the reimbursement will be made partially, the amount being
equal to 50% of the original sale price.
• The articles must not have been use, they must present no damages or any alteration.
• The garments must be returned with their original packaging, hangers, labels, protective
bags and, if applicable; gift boxes.
• The refund will be credited only to the card used to cancel the purchase amount. We will
never make replenishments in cash or transfer the amount to another card or account.
• We do not make price adjustments or discounts for promotions in purchases made in
days prior to the application of these. If it is necessary to make a refund of merchandise
sold much earlier, the reimbursement value will be estimated by comparing the value of
the pledge in the season of purchase.
• The refund will be made between 3 and 5 business days after receiving the goods, check
their good condition and perform the process in the Return Center, which takes around
another 2 or 3 days, being at least the total time of time waiting 7 days minimum and
maximum 10 days.